Vibro Ripper

  • Reduce noise more than 10dB against hydraulic breaker and secure 2 to 5 times higher performance covering 70% of all different types of working sites compared to hydraulic breaker.
  • Most of field works such as breaking, ripping and crushed rubble handling can be simultaneously available.
  • Carry out construction work even in city zone as sensitive place to machine noise.
  • Minimize operator’s vibration fatigue compared to other ripper machines; the operator’s preference for this fatigue relief can contribute to high job efficiency.
  • Construction work in river and ocean can be available without extra optional devices.
  • Machine protection design from ripper’s high vibration.
  • Lower maintenance cost than the exited hydraulic breaker’s.
  • With additional option devices, the ripper can be used as compactor or pile-driving hammer.
  • Models and technical information in catalog.